Building a Dynamic Vue Table

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A searchable and sortable table with Vue
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Tables play a fundamental role in presenting structured data on the web. However, traditional HTML tables often lack the flexibility and interactivity required for modern applications. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how I enhanced user experience by building a dynamic Vue table using Vue.js and its Composition API.

Constructing the Vue Table

I utilized Vue 3’s Composition API to manage the component’s state and behavior. While I didn’t design it as a reusable component, this approach offered a straightforward implementation for displaying data in a tabular format.

Key Features

  • Sorting: I implemented a feature that allows users to easily sort table columns by clicking on the column headers. The sorting feature toggles between ascending and descending order, providing seamless data exploration.

  • Searching: I included a search input in the table, enabling users to filter table rows based on their input. As users type into the search box, the table dynamically updates in real-time, facilitating efficient data discovery within large datasets.

  • Pagination: To optimize performance with large datasets, I implemented basic pagination. By dividing the data into manageable chunks and providing navigation controls, users can navigate through pages of data effortlessly.

Implementation Details

For data retrieval, I used Axios, a popular HTTP client for the browser and Node.js, to fetch data from a mock API. Additionally, I employed Moment.js for date formatting to ensure dates are presented accurately and intuitively.


By leveraging Vue.js and its Composition API, I successfully developed a dynamic Vue table that offers sorting, searching, and pagination capabilities. This table provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with and exploring large datasets, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience of data-driven web applications.


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