Design System /

Design System

The DS contains guidance and best practices that can help you design a great experience for any platform.

Focus on:

  • Color
  • Headings
  • Paragraph
  • FontSizes
  • Other sites:
    • changeazy

      dns servers:

    • kittyappeal -> namecheap
    • adifferentindex
      • hosted where -> subfolder. with a2hosting
      • domain name where?
      • move domain to hover
        • You must unlock your domain with your current registrar.
        • You must acquire your domain's transfer authorization code (also referred to as an EPP or auth code).
      • astrofy it!
      • storyblok for content?
  • deal with styles:
    • Button
    • move _base styles to GlobalStyles as import?
    • test build and check compiled css file?
    • add ds- classes for ds headings etc
    • new base styles for img element.
  • test overflow-clip
  • remove html comments from components. or replace with non rendering comments
  • Typewriter vue:
    • textAlign icons dark mode?
    • replace CeTypewriter with new vue component
    • fix: incorrect use of <label> for the text align buttons